Clean solutions
„Made in Germany“

We take advantage of the most sophisticated materials, the latest manufacturing processes and the specialist skills of our staff. The development and manufacturing of our hygiene dispensers takes place in Germany. Sustainability and robustness combined with technical refinement is our paramount objective. To cut a long story short: Ille passionately believes in German engineering and finest workmanship.

Our benchmark:
Your ultimate satisfaction.

High quality
papers and soaps

At Ille, top performance is not just a word, but a promise. A maxim which applies to all our products. Including a rigorous selection of our suppliers and long-time collaborations.

We rely on the strictest
quality control of all.
Our employees.

Ille products stand for top-notch engineering and stringent ISO quality standards throughout the entire manufacturing process. Strict quality controls are carried out at every stage of the process. For our employees have a very clear ambition: to always be the best in our market.